Purpose-Driven Leaders Cohort

Designed for leaders seeking to lead authentically with purpose

Build Your Network

Join with other like-minded leaders 

Invest In Yourself

We can only lead as far as we’ve grown ourselves

Create Value

Gain clarity about how you can make the world a better place


The Purpose-Driven Leaders Cohort is an exclusive coaching program led by Ruth Lorensson for a small group of of leaders who are looking to authentically lead with purpose.


Ruth is one of the co-founders of Bridge & Rhino and an executive leadership coach. As a sustainability thought-leader committed to driving positive change, she has been actively engaged in purpose-driven leadership for over 20 years. She is passionate about bringing together like-minded leaders, learning, growing, and collaborating to make the world a better place.

Ruth Lorensson

Executive Coach, Bridge & Rhino

What to Expect

Group Coaching

One 90 min online session per month

Group WhatApp

Online group space for connection

Over Six Months

Cohort lasts for six months



Redefining Purpose-Driven Leadership

Minding The Integrity Gap (Promise)

Creating Value (People, Planet, Profit)

Building Culture (Do’s And Don’ts)

Minding The Integrity Gap (People)

Systems Thinking (Collaboration)