We are in a pivotal cultural moment for leaders to discover what’s next.

Our Story

As pastors and leaders, we find ourselves in a unique historical moment where the convergence of global disasters, issues of justice, and cultural shifts have challenged and changed the landscape we serve. It’s a time of high uncertainty, but also one that is rich with opportunity.

Ruth and Kirk launched Bridge & Rhino in response to leaders wrestling with questions prompted by new realities. With their combined experience, they seek to provide innovative and accessible coaching for pastors and leaders to gain the clarity and courage needed to navigate the new terrain.


We are committed to creating real spaces for Pastors and Leaders to Question, Explore and Discover.


We aspire and commit to being a practice that is ethically driven, environmentally responsible and good for people—not just for profit.

  • We affirm the value of all humans which is why we pledge to better understand how we can equitably serve and support the BIPOC community.
  • We champion Women in all roles of leadership which is why we team up with Women Speakers Collective.
  • We are environmentally conscious which is why we work with local organizations, give 1% of our revenue to reduce carbon, and operate online.
  • We are committed to advocate for justice which is why we give a percentage of every coaching session to World Relief.