Meet our Coaches

Bridge & Rhino coaches bring diversified backgrounds which complement each other and round out a wide range of topics and specialities. Their combined skillsets makes this much needed coaching practice especially suited for these uniquely pivotal times.

Ruth Lorensson

Kirk Romberg

portrait of Jonathan Brandenburg

Jonathan Brandenburg

portrait of Ahnna Cho

Ahnna Cho

Mike O'Connor portrait

Mike O'Connor

Meet Ruth Lorensson


Hi, I’m Ruth.

I’m an Executive Coach and Co-Founder for Bridge and Rhino! I’ve been in pastoral ministry and leadership since 1999.

I’m passionate about helping people navigate the sometimes complicated terrain of their calling. In my years working alongside churches and organizations in the UK and the US, one of my greatest joys has been coaching people to become the full versions of themselves, locking in on the dreams God has for them even as they sometimes encounter uncertainty and transition.

I grew up in the UK but I now live with my husband and children in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado.

When I’m not coaching, I speak at churches and conferences, write articles, host a podcast and advocate for women speakers (I’m currently the Global Partnership Lead for Women’s Speakers Collective).


  • Bi-vocational Ministry
  • Non-Profit Leadership
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Calling Transitions
  • Church Health
  • Women in Ministry

Meet Kirk Romberg

Hey, I’m Kirk. 

As an Executive Coach and Co-Founder, I’m so glad you’re exploring Bridge and Rhino.  

I have been in pastoral leadership since 1992. Over my years of investing in the local church, my most rewarding experiences have been walking alongside leaders by partnering with what God is doing to develop them as they navigate their journey, sharpen their sense of unique contribution, and move toward convergence. I am passionate about leaders coming into alignment, going the distance, and finishing well. 

I grew up in Southern California, raised my family in the Pacific Northwest, and now live in Northern Colorado with my wife, Cindy.  Together we enjoy our adult kids and grandkids.  In addition to coaching I’m a Strategic Interim Pastor with IPM (Interim Pastor Ministries), own a small business, and advocate for the world’s most vulnerable.  


  • Leadership Development
  • Church Health 
  • Church Planting
  • Turn-Around Churches
  • Strategic Partnerships

Meet Jonathan Brandenburg


Good day! My name is Jonathan.

I’ve walked in a lot of roles in my days, and there’s one thing I’ve become convinced of: do not do the journey alone.

This is why I coach, my friends, so you don’t have to do the journey alone. No matter what your journey is about, I’d like to be a part of it. And more than likely, I’ve done at least something similar to what you are doing. I’m a husband and a father of four…so, if it’s family stuff, I’m here. I’ve been a church planter, senior pastor, college minister, and theology professor…so, if it’s ministry stuff, I’m here. I even have a crazy family background, so if you have complex family dynamics…I hear you!

Other than those ministry experiences, I’m also trained for the journey of coaching people just like you. I have my doctorate missional strategy, I have been coached extensively by master coaches, and I’m a fully credentialed and certified Associate Coach with the International Coaching Federation. All of the training is really about being prepared to walk alongside anyone as their coach. If you are sick of doing the journey of life, work, or ministry in isolation, then I’d love to walk alongside you.


  • Next Gen Leadership Development
  • Calling Clarity & Strategy
  • Owning Your Story (and Storytelling)
  • Balancing Being & Doing in Leadership
  • Innovative Design & Leadership

Meet Ahnna Cho


Hi, I’m Ahnna.

I’ve been in church ministry since 1996. As a PK, an MK and a teen-aged church planter, my life revolved around the church. Fast forward a few decades and I’m a pastor and a nonprofit program director whose heart beats stronger than ever for God’s people.

A couple years ago, I came to believe coaching is an essential ingredient of Christian discipleship. Having been coached myself, I wish to offer the same formative experience to anyone discerning their next steps. If you desire support, clarity and breakthroughs, please reach out. I will be honored to walk alongside you.

I’m married to Paul and have two lovely kids. I love to call Colorado home and enjoy simple pleasures of life like the Colorado mountains, coffee with friends, and good music.


  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Multicultural Ministry
  • Woman in Ministry
  • Worship Coach
  • Spiritual Discernment
  • Bible and Theology
  • Coaching Available in English and Korean


Meet Mike O’Connor


G’Day, I’m Mike.

I have been in pastoral leadership since 2003. My leadership experience includes pastoring various congregations, ministries, and ministry staff teams in rural, regional, and urban settings. I currently lead a local church in Australia.

Coaching church leaders towards transformational clarity about their own calling and unique contribution is one of my favorite things to do.  During major life and ministry transitions, I coach ministry leaders on how to get unstuck and finish well.

I was born and raised in Sydney, but now live on the Gold Coast with my wife, Corinne, and our two teenage children. Whenever I’m not coaching, you’ll find me at the beach or lifting weights.


  • Life and Leadership Development
  • Transitions
  • Church Health
  • Church Conflict
  • Enneagram