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What is TRAC?

TRAC360º is an online assessment created by Leadership Breakthru

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Benefits of TRAC360º

Based on research and decades of use with leaders, pastors, executives and students alike, taking the TRAC360º Assessment will help you find breakthrough by looking at four crucial need areas:

  • Trajectory (Life Direction & Purpose)
  • Replenishment (Personal Renewal)
  • Awareness (Identity & Self-leadership)
  • Choices (Trust & Obedience)

How it Works

This one-time, full coaching session includes a TRAC360º Assessment with a personalized review of your results.

  • After you schedule your session, the TRAC360º Assessment will be emailed to you.
  • You complete the assessment, and you and your coach receive your results.
  • Review results during your 50-min coaching session to discover your core desire, define action steps, and empower you onto your journey.